Our Mission

The InQueery is America’s leading gay research corporation. We strive to deliver cutting edge reporting on queer trends, behavior and artifacts.

Tour The InQueery’s Corporate Headquarters

Welcome to InQueery HQ. As you explore our sprawling campus, centered around a converted Snapple™ factory at a still-undisclosed location, you’ll find that we’re much more than the “rainbow-capitalist corporate shill” and “Big Brother of corporate faggotry” the pundits have claimed. In our state-of-the art laboratories, corporate suites, and media zones, you’ll witness firsthand our tireless commitment to furthering the gay agenda. It is the cutting-edge research happening within these walls that lets us fulfill our mission: to educate the public on the most critical and up-to-date cultural phenomena in gay America.

Before entering, please sign the NDA at the door.


Today you’ll find InQueery founder Greg, ushering a field trip of schoolchildren into our beloved gaytrium, one of many hallowed art spaces here on campus. The gaytrium is used primarily for see-and-be-seen gallery openings. (As a rule, all guests must wait a minimum of 20 minutes before seeing their scheduled appointments.) On your left, feel free to admire our salon-style wall of corporate collaborations, celebrating the contributions by Nintendo, Sweetgreen, and NASA to the fight for queer rights. And yes, just ahead is our custom aqueerium, abounding with day-glo rocks, designer treasure chests, and not a single living fish! Say hello to InQueery deputy editor David—and no, that’s not an FBI house-arrest anklet! Be sure to take a selfie with our one-of-a-kind siren sculpture, donated in 2010 by noted ally Julianne Moore.

Sector I – Open labs

This is where some of our most critical work is underway. Environmental scientists and gay ergonomists hash out the future of the “gay grip” at the ongoing Iced Coffee Symposium (ICS); former window designers from Manhattan’s finest department stores experiment with large-scale snow globes; and the UN Commission on Tote Bags (UNOTB) led by Sam, measures for an optimal sack-to-shoulder ratio. Don’t miss our stunning portraits of gay icons Bert and Ernie—their same-sex-compatible muppet genitalia were developed in this very room!

Sector II – Fabrication facility

Welcome to Sector II, the fabrication facility, where queer art thrives! Grab a BPA-free dildo as you pass through our bondage studio, and be sure to tag our friend/sponsor Williams Sonoma on your OnlyFans! Get blasted with a spritz of our fall fragrance crafted for Le Labo, then saunter over to the screening room, where you can join Disney execs for screenings of the new, gay-friendly Disney+ series Love, Portia and Star Wars: The Bisexual.

You won’t want to miss a single inch of the grounds of Sector II! There’s Marvin, our head of photography, mastering the art of the French Bulldog Selfie—a time-honored gay male tradition! Our in-house Lululemon rep Sebastian leads a Warrior Three Body Sculpt workshop, testing new smart fabrics before the government can get their hands on them. Plop down next to staff writer Stephanie and ask for her hot takes on Netflix’s trashiest new docuseries. Be sure to spend some meditative time by our Frank Ocean Channel Orange fountain. Then, ponder the meaning of $erpent$hrine, a sculpture conceived by Lady Gaga during her residency at the Marina Abramovic Institute.

Sector IIICorporate suites

Welcome to Sector III of InQueery HQ: our corporate suites. Take a load off in the rec room, where you can observe gaymer specialists reporting on queer cat villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Among stacks of memoranda on our deputy editor’s desk is an original snowglobe from the set of Unfaithful. (Don’t you just love Diane Lane?) And don’t tell Space Force if you spot a gaylien or two lurking around this floor!

Put your gloves on and get to work on the second floor, where you can help sort through troves of vintage Playbills, pick herbs from our copy editor’s Nora’s desk, and categorize all manner of queer objects—from Pokéballs to Renée Zellweger’s Oscar trophy! Stop by our arts and crafts station, where the remnants of a “painting and pinot” bachelorette party are currently under investigaytion. If you fancy yourself an ice princess, try on a chain or quearring and review it for our jewelry analytics team.

Here on the roof, you can bum a cig off staff illustrator MouseMouse, and visit one of two signature iced coffee bars. Give the interns your input as they dream up new app collaborations with Nike and the NSA.

Outside Sector III, take a whirl through our retail marketplace, which includes Magic Doggie Day Spa, Toss’d (our take on a trendy fast-casual salad restaurant, now in beta testing) and The Gaily Bread, a bakery serving only queer confections. (All shops on campus accept major credit cards and Queercoin, our proprietary cryptocurrency.) Then hit up our obsergaytion tower, where you can study everything queer in the cosmos, from shooting stars and black holes to the beefy bears of Ursa Major and Ursa Minor.

Sector IV – Performance & Media Center

Here in Sector IV, we let the artists take the reins of their corporate identities! Take a seat in the performance center for local drag homages to Jojo, and marvel at blown-up images of Dianne Wiest and Audra McDonald at the Playbill waterfall display wall. And find out just how gay Dumbledore actually was with a visit to the restricted books section in the  library!

Sector V – The Tank 

Here’s Sector V, which we lovingly refer to as the tank. On the first and second floor, take a winding walk through queer history up our Guggenheim inspired staircase, from the Compton Cafeteria Riots to Nick Jonas confirming that he’s not in fact gay. Gag in awe as you enter The Scott E. Stevenson Institute for Queer Costume and Apparel. The countless gay garments on display include the May Queen dress from Midsommar, Claire Dane’s angel wings from Romeo + Juliet, Meryl Steep’s dishwashing gloves from The Hours, and Ursula’s lipstick from The Little Mermaid.

Take a seat on a queer chair prototype in our observation pavillion, and don’t forget to give our resident Afghan Hound, Theresa, a nose boop on your way up the great glass elevator. From the roof, you can help our researchers tend to a garden of carnivorous plants crossbred from Little Shop of Horrors, Super Mario World and Batman and Robin. And look below! An associate entomologist transports termites to Sector V in one of our trademarked hot-pink golf carts.

The Perimeter

What lies beyond the walls of the InQueery corporate campus, you may ask? While we can’t legally endorse cruising in the wooded conservation area surrounding our campus, we can heartily recommend a Virginia Woolf-esque afternoon of silent contemplation in the gayzebo. The rest is up to you!

Editorial Team

Greg Kozatek Editor in Chief

Greg is an art director and designer in New York City.

David Odyssey Deputy Editor

David is a writer and performer living in Brooklyn, NY. He writes about comedians, superheroes, divas and princes for publications like DAZED, Time Out New York and Vulture. He is the host of The Luminaries podcast and the live magazine show The Queer Luminaries. You can follow him here.

Stephanie Rudig Staff writer

Stephanie is a designer, writer, and illustrator based in Washington, D.C. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Graphic Design.

Sam Bolen Staff writer

Sam acts, sings, writes & lives in Brooklyn. More piano bar than karaoke, more Provincetown than pines. The best guest, the consummate host.

Luis G. RendonStaff writer

Luis is a Tejano visual journalist living in Brooklyn. He writes a little, podcasts a little and is a wannabe theatre gay.

Nora Macleod Copy editor

Nora is a writer, researcher, textile nerd, and amateur herbalist living in Los Angeles.


Aaron Deery Northern Ireland

Aaron is an illustrator from Northern Ireland who graduated from Falmouth University with a BA in Illustration. He loves drawing characters and shapes flowing, flying and falling. When not illustrating he likes running, reading and occasionally talking about himself in the third person.

Alison Dubois Los Angeles, CA

Alison is an art director, illustrator and production designer. She likes crossword puzzles, pizza and ponies.

Armando Veve Philadelphia, PA

Armando is an artist and illustrator. His drawings have been recognized by American Illustration, Communication Arts, Spectrum, and awarded three gold medals from the Society of Illustrators. He was named an ADC Young Gun by The One Club for Creativity and selected to the Forbes 2018 30 under 30 list.

Cat Hong Manhattan, NY

Cat is an Industrial Designer with a soft spot for illustration, material and play. Beyond these passions, she also dabbles in baking, swimming, and the casual witchery. She struggles with picking favorites.

Colin Verdi Brooklyn, NY

Colin is an illustrator who’s work has been featured internationally in publications such as Interview Magazine, Rue Morgue, The Protagonist, and MilkxHK mag. His work has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators and American Illustration for excellence in advertising illustration. He is also often commissioned to draw live at events.

David Huang Brooklyn, NY

David is an illustrator and Designer. His works has been recognized by 3×3, Society of Illustrators LA and NY. He grew up in Taipei, Taiwan and calls San Francisco his second home. When he isn’t illustrating, he enjoys going to jazz shows, learning new languages, and searching for random historical facts on Wikipedia.

Dustin Sohn Hollywood, CA

Dustin is an illustrator and screenwriter. He lives with his husband and a Jack Russell Terrier.

Tura Oliveira Brooklyn, NY

Tura Oliveira is an interdisciplinary artist and performer. Her work uses textiles, video, installation, music, and performance to explore the intersections of craft, labor, and queer futurity.

Eliza Reisfeld San Francisco, CA

Eliza is an Illustrator, Animator, and Creative Director. After graduating with a BFA in Illustration (RISD ’11), she co-founded RogueMark Studios, a women run animation studio in Berkeley, CA where she currently works as the Creative Director. Her playful work is inspired by her curiosity for animals, nature, and the human connection.

Franco Zacharzewski Brooklyn, NY

Franco is an illustrator. He is a graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design with a concentration in History, Philosophy and Social Sciences. Aside from his endeavors in the visual arts, he is an advocate for nature documentaries and is almost adequate at soccer.

Gordon Landenberger Los Angeles, CA

Gordon is an artist and performer.

Hannah Choi Brooklyn, NY

Hannah is an artist and illustrator who runs a design studio, Night Victories. Her work is rooted in one-of-a-kind handmade crafts, pop culture, and making stuff while everyone sleeps.

Jeff Hinchee Manhattan, NY

More of Jeff’s mixed-media assemblage and paper cut illustrations can be seen in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Interview Magazine. He is a frequent collaborator with designers for stage and screen. Jeff is repped by Salzman International.

Jennifer Xiao Brooklyn, NY

Jennifer is an extremely talented, funny, cool, smart, professional, hard working, humble, and award winning freelance illustrator. She also likes to write and sometimes this writing is paired with drawings to make comics and cartoons.

Jonny Ruzzo Brooklyn, NY

Jonny is an artist and illustrator. Originally from Rhode Island, he loves the beach, 80’s music, and decaffeinated coffee.

Kalyani Kastor New York, NY

Kalyani Kastor is a New England based illustrator and Pattern Designer for Keeco LC. She loves to use a colored pencil like texture in her digital works and experiment with color vibrations. She takes most of her inspiration from nature and observation

Katie Fliegel New York, NY

Katie is an illustrator from NY. Their current work heavily focuses on tenderness, disability, and queerness. They enjoy four leaf clover picking, baking, and tea.

Langstn Tampa, FL

Langstn is a freelance illustrator and muralist living and working in Tampa, Florida. He is also a curator and committee member of the New Roots Art Collective, an organization whose goals are to expand the African American voice within Tampa’s public and private art projects.

Kyle Richer Providence, RI

Kyle is a Graphic Designer & Illustrator based in Rhode Island. He enjoys combining his love for color and texture with his interest in mundane narratives to create work that feels experimental in its process, and relatable in its subject matter.

MouseMouse Cologne, Germany

MouseMouse is an illustrator and art director. He co-founded the game development studio Slow Bros. and spent the recent past working as the art director for their upcoming release “Harold Halibut”. He has done work for magazines, TV and video games.

Patrick Hulse Brooklyn, New York

Patrick is an illustrator and designer for children. He graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in Illustration in 2017. He is a designer at Todd Oldham Studio and his two favorite things to draw are hugs and desserts.

Wesley Allsbrook Joshua Tree, California

Wesley was born in Durham, North Carolina. She has been recognized by The Art Directors Club, The Society of Publication Designers, The Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, Communication Arts, Sundance Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, the Television Academy and The Peabody Awards. She writes, makes art and comics.