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Once savaged in straight summer camp discourse as a sure marker of homosexuality, the single earring has become a contemporary badge of pride. Now you can take your quear-ings from your lobes to your walls!

The Feather – Sport this at your next moonbirth circle, or while swapping fluids among members of the 3SP Camp at Burning Man. “The dangling of the feather feels sort of performative in its movement,” one heavily tatted concert goer remarked. Sporting an avian shedding implies a sort of out-West, open-road Americana, a limited awareness of the Native American genocide, and a vague love of all birds. Are you a child of Gaia? What is your ancestry? Who cares?

• Illustrated by Armando Veve.
• 5 in x 5 in
• Printed on matte, double thick cardstock
• Sales are used to commission writers and illustrators
• Print from the article Quear-rings


Additional information

Weight 1.15 oz
Dimensions 5.75 × 8.75 in


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