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Once savaged in straight summer camp discourse as a sure marker of homosexuality, the single earring has become a contemporary badge of pride. Now you can take your quear-ings from your lobes to your walls!

Skull Fuck — This quear-ring earns you extra credit and will most likely be a novelty piece custom ordered from Etsy. It could be anything, but its gotta turn heads; a neon plexi rain cloud and lightning bolt; A teardrop jewel that looks like it was stolen from a witch’s diadem; a skeleton giving a blowjob.

• Illustrated by Armando Veve
• 5 in x 5 in
• Printed on matte, double thick cardstock
• Sales are used to commission writers and illustrators
• Print from the article Quear-rings


Additional information

Weight 1.15 oz
Dimensions 5.75 × 8.75 in


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